April 30, 2014

This & That

  • I haven't posted in almost a month. Eeek! That might be my longest stretch without posting to my blog since I started it over 4 years ago. I'm tempted to apologize....but really this blog is just for me, so there's no need for any apologies. But, I also do want to make sure I don't go this long again without posting! It feels weird to have gone so long without writing! I have no real reason for not posting except that I've been out of town for half of the month, which I guess is a pretty good reason!
  • David and I took a sweet little trip to North Carolina to visit David's grandma over Easter a few weeks ago. We had a lovely time catching up, eating yummy southern food and admiring all the beautiful cherry blossoms there were in full bloom! David's parents joined us for a few days, it was so nice to spend time with everyone! The south is so fun for me. It is so so SO different from Colorado! From the awful humidity weather to the trees to the way people talk and treat you to the food...I love it! I LOVE how friendly people are. Southern hospitality is something I will never take for granted. Waitresses stop to chat with you, store clerks look you in the eye when they say good morning...it's a breath of fresh air that we unfortunately don't always see here in the west. 
     Record Store Day happened to be while we were in North Carolina. My husband is a huge vinyl collector, so of course we had to stand in line to get our hands on some limited release records. There was a tiny little record shop that we went to....and so did the rest of Charlotte. Unfortunately, it was also raining. 3 hours of standing in the rain later, we finally got into the store and were able to find almost all the records he had his eye on! I win the Wife of the Year Award for braving the elements for the sake of David's music obsession :)
     Southern cafeterias are no joke! I'd never been to one before and it was quite an experience.
  • I had a friend in town last week who was training for Machu Pichu and wanted to see what it was like to hike at high elevations, so we spent all week hiking all over Colorado. I wound up hiking over 30 miles last week! We hiked everything from short little treks around Breckenridge to 10 mile trips through local State Parks. It was a a beautiful week with some amazing scenery. We decided to make my mom's house our base camp and head out for our daily adventures from there. Sadly, since I was at my mom's house and David was working all week, we never had a chance to see each other. It was the longest we've been apart in quite a while. Thankfully we've reunited and have happily settled back into our daily routine now that our recent travels are behind us.

  • On one of our hikes, I almost died. For real. We were walking along and the next thing I know, my friend is screaming and yanking on my arm. I looked down and not even 3 inches away from my leg was a rattle snake who was poised to strike! ACK! Legit, this snake was pissed and was sooooooo close to my leg. His rattle was going crazy and he was hissing and weaving his neck around. I was a split second away from a deadly bite and we were miles away from the nearest hospital. I still shudder at how close I came to seeing Jesus....
  • Backpacking/camping season is upon us! We're heading out for our first trip this weekend to a State Park nearby and I can't wait!! We decided to kick of the 2014 season with a new backpacking tent and I'm soooo excited for it. We've used the same 2 tents for the entirety of our 11 year relationship...I'd say it was time we finally upgraded. The tent we got is the Kelty TN3, which is a brand new model they just released this year. It's made almost entirely of mesh so you can stargaze at night. Yesssss! The second I saw this tent, I knew it was made for us. I watched a little promo video for it and it instantly grabbed me. I felt like it was David and I in the video. I knew this was the tent for us. I'm such a sucker for good marketing :)
  • I can't believe it, but the Spring 2014 semester is almost over already! Next week is our last class and I'm utterly bummed. I have enjoyed going back to school so much. I've been enthralled with everything we discuss. It feels like 3 hours worth of Jesus trivia every week. My professor is incredibly gifted at teaching and he just brings everything we've read about to life. I could sit in class every day and just soak in his teaching. I think I'll take the Summer semester off so I can focus on my photography and then I'll do another class in the Fall.
  • Yesterday we sold all 3 tables in our family room (coffee table and 2 end tables) and so now my search for a new coffee table goes into full gear! I have no clue where to look and I'm terrified that everything is going to cost $700+...blech- no thank you. I have no clue where to look....do you have a favorite store I should check out? I have no idea what I'm really looking for but I need to find something fast because we have no tables in our family room and it looks pretty awkward right now! I'm thinking something along the lines of....


Courtney said...

I am SO glad your friend noticed the rattle snake before anything happened! That is SCARY!
And if you are taking votes on new coffee tables, I like the white one ;)

Runnin' Red said...

Yikes that is scary about the snake! Close call!

I love that picture of you two! You guys are adorable"

Caroline said...

Can I have your life please? Can I tell you how jealous I am of all your hikes and trips?? xoxox

Anonymous said...

Try world market (also called cost plus)!! They have some fun rustic-type options and good prices :)

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