March 7, 2014

This & That

  • First and blog design!!!!!!!!! I'm so in love with this one! I told Jenn that I wanted something that reflected where we are at in life right now...peaceful, happy, calm, not drowning in an ocean of problems and crisis. And without fail, my dear friend delivered! I love absolutely everything, from the color scheme to the fonts. I love it all! Thanks Jenn!! PS-if you're in need of a blog refresh, Jenn is the best. Make sure to get in touch with her!
  • We had a wonderful trip to Steamboat Springs this past weekend! We decided to forego the season passes to the big resorts this year in favor of more spontaneous trips to other ski resorts, like Steamboat. Due to David's work schedule, travel, holidays and Montezuma's Revenge, we really haven't had too many chances to actually act on our agreement. But we finally booked a super last minute trip to Steamboat and enjoyed a little time away last weekend. We stayed in a beautiful resort near the slopes and enjoyed 10 inches of powder, hot chocolate, jacuzzis, pizza, walking in the falling snow, sleeping in and skiing until our legs almost fell off (for real, we skied haaaaaaard).

Apres ski can go from near death to wonderful and relaxing with just a beer or two :)

  • I'm slooooowly redecorating our family room. We said goodbye to a ginormous sectional couch that had been with us for almost the entire duration of our relationship and got a new couch! To go along with that came pillows, a rug, new pictures and throws. We're still on the hunt for accents chairs and a new coffee table. But I'm happy with the progress so far!

  • My Birchbox is going to get me into big trouble. As in, I want to buy everything that has been coming in my box lately. And of course those things are all ridiculously expensive and if I bought them all, I'd easily drop $500 on beauty products. Maybe not the wisest investment. But still, I'm obsessing over all these goodies lately! Particularly Beauty Protector Shampoo &Conditioner, Whish lotion (pomegranate scent is to. die. for.), Pop Aqua Lacquer, Algenist everything (maybe the best anti-aging line I've ever gotten my hands on. This stuff is the real deal) and Supergoop CC cream. Gah! I want it all!
  • Our Zion trip is starting to really come together! May can't come soon enough! We just got word that our names were drawn for The Subway hike, which is a hike we really wanted to do while there. It's highly coveted and they only allow 80 people per day to do it, so we are excited that we got picked! Woooop! It looks absolutely amazing, we have been on pins and needles waiting to see if we got selected. Essentially, it's a hike that goes through a canyon where there is no trail. The river is the trail! You hike upstream through the river and pick your own path. The route often requires swimming and wading throughout the 9 miles that wind up through this canyon (eek!). Ummm, yes! That sounds so awesome, we can't wait! I've read it's hard, but very much worth the effort.

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Courtney said...

So many things i love about this post. I love the new design, the pictures from Steamboat and your upcoming trip! You two always make the best travel plans!

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